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Start time: 19:00
Location: STATE Studio
Entrance: Free
30 May, 2019

The XenoEntities Network community joins Disruption Network Lab for the meetup that anticipates their next event AI Traps: Automating Discrimination (14-15 June 2019, Studio 1, Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien). In this conference we take a close look at how AI & algorithms reinforce prejudices and biases of its human creators and societies, and how to fight discrimination.

AI Threats on Queer Bodies: Computational Gaze and Toxic Normalization, presented by Pedro Marum and Steph Holl-Trieu:

In an era of increasing digital-surveillance and info-militarism, we realise that the targets of certain oppressive gazes are not only state-proclaimed criminals but also all citizens: all potential deviants to the state order.

From CCTV, drones, border checks, and police raids, the immense dragnet of surveillance extends to even more intimate mechanisms, collecting data and metadata from personal emails, social media, and clouds. With the latest technologies of biometric surveillance and dataveillance, our physical and virtual bodies have become rich pools for data-mining. Yet, under mechanic scrutiny, surveillance has a normative effect on how bodies should look in order to distinguish the “citizen” from the “terrorist” and the “normal” from the “deviant”, an algorithmic supremacy that perpetuates ableism, classism, homophobia, sexism, racism, and transphobia.

It is easy to succumb to feelings of disempowerment and paralysis. How do we deal with these mechanisms of oppression?

In the open and fluid format of this meetup we will look into artists, hacktivists and theorists who deal with AI technologies, how they are used as forms of governance and control, and speculate on strategies of counteraction. We will meditate on communal practices of disruption and contamination of a voracious system that feeds on biometric data in order to regulate, police, and criminalise those who do no conform to the binary-constructed reality as seen under algorithms. Our world is a world of absolute indeterminacy; our bodies are radically deviant – a deviance that cannot be eviscerated by data capture. Rather than "opt out,” we must think of staying with the trouble as a queer radical practice.

Pedro Marum and Steph Holl-Trieu will mediate this open conversation. You are warmly invited to join us and share your thoughts; please bring materials, ideas, questions or concerns you would like to discuss, and stay for drinks afterwards.

This meetup will take place at STATE Studio, a public gallery, showroom and event space in Berlin-Schöneberg. It’s a place for creative synergies between science, art, and innovation, discovering/exploring breakthrough developments that shape our future.

The Disruption Network Lab Activation program is kindly supported by the Guerrilla Foundation.