Assemblage #10

Start time: 18:00
Location: Uferstudios für Zeitgenössischen Tanz, Studio 11
31 August, 2019

For Assemblage #10, Mutirão Pataxó: Task Force for Health!, XEN is pleased to organize a panel discussion with Fabiane M. Borges and Rafael Frazão to talk about indigenous health in Brazil, more specifically about the construction of a HEALTH & CURE CENTER in the Pataxó Pará Village of Southern Bahia. Click here for a link to the online campaign. Invitation is extended to anyone interested in what is happening now to the indigenous population in Brazil.

Technoshamanism will be introduced and expanded upon as:

1) Technology of shamanism: practices of cure, traditional medicines, history telling, knowledge of rituals, connection with ancestral/collective memory
2) Shamanism of technology: scientific effort towards accomplishing the ideals of shamanism: interspecific communication, space/time journeys, genetic mutation
3) Connection between these two knowledges as historically separated with monotheistic principles

Fabiane M. Borges is a researcher, psychologist, artist, curator, essayist. Develops project of artistic residences in the ETE / INPE (National Institute of Space Research/Brazil) where she does a Post-phd in Engineering and Space Technology and a postdoctoral degree at ECA / USP / 2019. She has done postdoctoral studies in Visual Arts at EBA / UFRJ / 2016 to 2018 as well. Articulator of Technoshamanism network, Intergalactic Commune, Takebackthespace, etc.

Rafael Frazão is a visual artist, videomaker and researcher. Graduated in image and sound from Ufscar, he studied master's degree in visual arts at UFRJ and in the program of independent studies at MacBa (Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona). He mainly develops art and technology and expanded audiovisual projects. Composes the group Dobra and articulates the Technoshamanism network.