Assemblage #8

Doors: 19:00 / Start time: 19:30
Location: Spektrum Berlin
5 December, 2018

For Assemblage #8, Scenting the Androgynous, we gather for a first-time meet-up between Spektrum communities Scent Club Berlin and XenoEntities Network. The two collectives wish to meet to discuss points of connection between scent and gender, delving into the sociopolitical implications of how scent becomes gendered and discussing myths around pheromones.

We invite you all to bring along your deodorant or perfume for us to incorporate for a blind test.

The format of the meet-up will be run similarly to those familiar with XEN’s Assemblage format. Assemblages are free-access gatherings with the purpose to discuss/research where participants can propose topics and ideas within the scope of the topic. We invite speakers from different fields to our sessions and organise round-table discussions complete with readings of relevant materials as well as discussions of texts and artworks. 

Scent Club Berlin is an artistic collective and community of people that come together to research, produce projects, and collaborate, focusing on the sense of smell. “The most beautiful thing we have discovered has to be the fact that albeit the sense of smell is extremely subjective it has the capacity to bring people together; it connects people and opens people up not only to their memories and associations but also to one another.” Current core members include founding members Mareike Bode, Max Joy, Alanna Lynch, Eeva-Liisa Puhakka, and Chaveli Sifre Riestra along with Tobias Esselborn and Aleksandra Pawlowska.