Assemblage #9

Doors: 18:00 / Start time: 18:30
Location: Hares & Hyenas
19 February, 2019

For Assemblage #9, Queer Rave-Time, Melbourne with DJ Sezzo + Brooke Powers, XEN is excited to host their ninth Assemblage in Melbourne, Australia at Hares & Hyenas. For Assemblage #9, XEN members Zander Porter and Lou Drago invite Brooke Powers and DJ Sezzo for a discussion on the historical and topical idea of “rave” as a site for emancipation and community-building.

XEN is interested to introduce the context and backdrop of a curated performance/discussion event initiated at the University of Cologne, Germany by the collective group (Zander, Lou, and Pedro Marum) called Queer Temporalities / Raving Architectonics. In Cologne, XEN performed a classroom materials-appropriated “rave installation” before expanding into videos and texts to inspire a discussion on the intersection of rave with queer time and architecture. Zander and Pedro recently reprised this event for transmediale 2019 in Berlin.

For Assemblage #9, XEN will remember relevant texts and excerpts from José Esteban Muñoz (Cruising Utopia), Helen Hester (Xenofeminism), Martti Kalliala, Ashkan Sepahvand, and Paul B. Preciado. Zander and Lou are curious to gauge a discussion started in Berlin and Cologne into Melbourne, inspired by Brooke Powers and Sezzo's local engagements with natures of the party, organization, coloniality, and DJing. From sharing perspectives across experiences in the US, Europe, and Australia / New Zealand, but more precisely Berlin and Melbourne, XEN hopes for an expansive yet acute attention towards a discussion about geographic and colonial differences/similarities as well as shared or intersectional interpretations of queerness and temporality.

Brooke Powers has performed as a DJ over the past five years, playing regularly in Melbourne and around Australia. She also performs as a contemporary dancer, most recently in Luke George’s Public Actions, premiering at Dance Massive in March 2019.

DJ Sezzo is a proud Ngāpuhi woman, DJ, and curator who lives and works in Melbourne. She writes theories about the magic of the club, and in 2018 she created the experimental art club night Precog.