COOL FOR YOU + Soft Opening

Doors: 19:30 / Start time: 20:00
Location: Spektrum Berlin
Entrance: 5-8 €
08 December, 2016

XenoEntities Network (XEN) is very happy to present an evening with COOL FOR YOU, the sound/performance project of artist Vika Kirchenbauer, preceded by a performance of the mysterious Soft Opening.

COOL FOR YOU is the sound/performance project of artist Vika Kirchenbauer, currently working and residing in Berlin. In her work she explores opacity in relation to representation of the “othered” through ostensibly contradictory methods like exaggerated explicitness, oversharing, and perversions of participatory culture. She examines the troublesome nature of “looking” and “being looked at” in larger contexts including labour within post-fordism and the experience economy, modern drone warfare and its insistence on unilateral staring, the power relationships of psychiatry, performer/spectator relations, participatory culture, contemporary art display and queer representational politics as well as the everyday life experience of ambiguously gendered individuals.

Soft Opening will deliver a short presentation with text and music about struggling and finding back.

Curated by Pedro Marum, Lou Drago, and Rita Macedo.