Fluid Existence

Start time: 16:00
Location: Gropius Bau
Entrance: € 10 / reduced € 7 (exhibition ticket for Welt ohne Außen at Gropius Bau)
01 June, 2018

For Welt ohne Außen at Gropius Bau, Pedro Marum and Zander Porter of XenoEntities Network (XEN) will perform a curation of sounds, visuals, and words as an immersive live workshop for the tripartite event cycle Existential Futurities.

People-as-jellyfish and internet-ontological image-metaphors encourage spectator-participants to eclipse traditional notions of identity construction towards a thing more collectively concocted, a more fluid existence. Employing strategies of LARP (live-action role-playing) and guided somatic respites, Pedro Marum and Zander Porter of XenoEntities Network organize a meditatively curated visual and sonic performance. They work within and improvise against a planned schedule to develop something alien about relationships both to time and senses of selves. Between sonic dreamscapes and ambient utterances, P + Z usher in a new age of xeno-alien queerness: an exercise of thinking-as-making, an intersection of alien phenomenology and queer temporality. This workshop is developed for the conjuring of a video-gamey, anxiety-quelling, fleeting but dense fantasy-worlding.

Alain Garcia, Paradise Loop (2017, 9′)
Maryna Makarenko, Jellyfish (2017, 23′)

Performance and curation by Pedro Marum and Zander Porter.