How Could a Posthumanist Be?

Doors: 20:00 / Start time: 20:30
Location: Spektrum Berlin
30 August, 2017

XenoEntities Network presents How Could a Posthumanist Ber? by posthumanist therapist and writer Johannes Klabbers. How do we work out what is real, and how do we work out what matters?

XEN has invited Johannes to share his perspective on posthumanism after his words at Unsound in Poland last year triggered many thoughts and tangents on our current state of existence that resonated since.

In Johannes’s words: “How do we respond to an unjust world? That is the question that we must consider together and it is evermore urgent that we do so.” How do we respond to our own neurosis, our anxiety, our depression, the meaninglessness of our lives? What can we believe in? Who can we trust? What is wrong with the world? What is wrong with people? Johannes has been thinking about this for half a century and to him the problem has never seemed more urgent than it does today. At the same time the problem is also becoming more complex by the minute as the population of the world increases. Each minute another two hundred new humans arrive in the world. What do we have to say to them?

Nietzsche announced the death of god more than a hundred years ago. We need to invent something new. And fast. Let's begin now.

Curated by Lou Drago.